Engine Reconditioning

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Engine Reconditioning


For over 35 years Reflex Automotive Engineering have been providing the Automotive, Truck, Earthmoving, Industrial & Marine industries with an unsurpassed machining & engine reconditioning service.


We have forged a reputation in the engine reconditioning machining industry as the market leaders.


With Australia's most experienced operators utilising the latest in engine machining technology we offer a cost effective service, this coupled with quick job turnaround times and components machined to O.E.M tolerances in a quality endorsed environment guarantees your engine will be maintained to the highest possible standards.


Whether your needs are for individual component machining, balancing or engine assembly, Reflex have the facilities, experience and capacity to professionally satisfy your needs.

Crankshaft Grinding
Valve Cutting
Cylinder Boring
Block Decking
Crankshaft Balancing

Engine Reconditioning Process




All engines are completely stripped down, inspected & micro-metered to within OEM tolerance. After inspection everything is put into a hot acid tank &/or chemical cleaning process, not just to remove dirt and grime, but to also make sure all oil and water ways are clean and free from debris. This is especially important if the engine components have been badly damaged due to something like an oil pump failure, as small bits of metal referred to as swarf are left in the engine, further damage could occur. After cleaning all the separate components, they are taken to respective stations where they are reconditioned.


The block is re-bored/honed and the crankshaft is reground/polished, with new pistons and new bearings being ordered to suit. The cylinder head is pressure tested, with the valves faced and valve seats re-cut, any valves which are burnt or showing signs of extreme heat are replaced. Valve guides are also inspected for wear and replaced where necessary. After all gaskets surfaces and components are spotlessly clean, it is all re-assembled using new gaskets, oil seals and oil pump.

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Cylinder Head Diagnosis & Repair Process


Cylinder Head Reconditioning Services


Cylinder Head Reconditioning ServicesOn arrival we allocate a job number & after removal from the block we disassemble, chemically clean & inspect checking valves & valve guides, retainer & collets condition & test valve spring pressures.

The cylinder head body is checked for height, straightness & hardness & pressure tested in a submersible pressure tester checking for any cracks or porous leaks & check all threads.


After inspection we prepare a report & quotation as part of the engine reconditioning process & advise you of the cost to recondition your engine which usually can save you hundreds of dollars compared to outright replacement.




  • disassemble & inspect
  • chemically clean
  • pessure test
  • hardness test
  • surface head face
  • fit & ream valve guides
  • machine valves
  • machine valve seats
  • line bore cam tunnel
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Crankshaft Diagnosis & Repair Process


Crankshaft Reconditioning Services

Crankshaft Grinding


The most common problems occur when the big ends wear down and the engine produces a loud knocking sound. Any significant wear in this area of the engine can be catastrophic, and should be repaired immediately.


In most cases the crankshaft can be machined back to working condition; Material is removed from the shaft in the grinding process and replacement, oversize bearings are installed to compensate for its new diameter. Our finale inspection is carried out using a Magnaflux and black light, to detect hidden cracks, as some cracks can’t be seen by the naked eye.

  • crack test crankshaft
  • hardness test crankshaft
  • straighten crankshaft
  • weld nose remachine keyway
  • weld worn thrust and remachine
  • grind crankshaft
  • retest crankshaft crack test
  • nitride crank


Conrod Diagnosis & Repair Process


Conrod Reconditioning Services


ConrodsTypically, reconditioning rods involves cleaning them thoroughly, then checking them with magnetic particle inspection for any cracks. Then the rods are checked for straightness because any bend or twist in the rod may result in oil clearance problems and likely lead to a failure.



  • crack test conrods
  • check conrod alignment
  • small end fitting
  • pin bore small end
  • resize conrod
  • fitting piston to conrod and alignment 


Engine Block Diagnosis & Repair Process


Engine Block Reconditioning Services

 Engine Block Reconditioning

More often than not, problems with the engine block is caused by overheating or loss of oil pressure, due to the vehicles age, insufficient maintenance or mechanical failure. It is unlikely that you will need to replace your engine block, we can correct many major issues within our workshop.


If the cylinder block is heavily scored the engine block or crankcase can be rebored and oversize pistons and rings can be fitted. In severe cases of damage, a cylinder liner can be fitted which would be necessary, if the engine was damaged beyond the maximum available oversize piston; normally .5 or 1mm. A cylinder liner can then be fitted to the bores that are perforated or heavily scored.

  • crack test block
  • line bore main tunnel
  • fit cam bearings
  • line bore cam tunnel for semi-finished cam bearings
  • surface block
  • machine counter bores
  • bore and hone block
  • salvage sleeve
  • remove/refit liners
  • machine piston crowns 
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